Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning: Our firm’s estate planning services are designed to assist clients in preserving assets and preparing for retirement years. Our attorneys will advise our clients how to plan for and provide personal and medical care, minimize the impact of gift and estate taxes, and assure the distribution of assets in the desired manner through gifts, bequests, and charitable contributions. Our attorneys will also assist clients in ensuring that the family-owned business makes a smooth transition into the hands of the successor(s) of choice.

Probate, Estate and Trust Administration: Our firm represents trustees and personal representatives in connection with the probate of wills and the administration of trusts. Our estate and trust administration services help fiduciaries marshal and distribute assets in an economical fashion so that the testamentary wishes of the deceased are realized.

Guardianships and Conservatorships: The onset of a disease, such as Alzheimer’s, can render a person unable to make everyday decisions regarding his/her health and welfare. This may be a situation in which family members seek a guardianship or a conservatorship to protect the interests of the incapacitated person. Our firm not only assists clients in the appointment of guardians and/or conservators but will continue to provide representation to the fiduciary in connection with his/her duties and responsibilities to the protected person.