If you are a landlord, we can assist you in drafting leases designed to protect your interests while adhering to the law. We can review and update leases as necessary. We can also assist both landlords and tenants with lease negotiations, taking the preliminary steps to create a productive and long-lasting landlord-tenant relationship.


We represent landlords and tenants in disputes of all types.

  • Unlawful detainers: We assist landlords with unlawful detainer actions, which involve a process that needs to be followed accurately. We know the process.
  • Evictions: We defend tenants against eviction actions when the process is not followed correctly and their rights are violated, and assist with issues of habitability.
  • Other disputes: We are also skilled at resolving disputes over maintenance, security deposits and more.
  • Solution-focused: Whether through negotiation or trial, we are committed to finding resolutions.