Dispute Resolution

Our Approach

Conflicts and disputes are a part of business and a part of life. They can drain key resources of time, money, and energy. Serious conflict can divert parties away from their positive business pursuits to overly-consuming conflict management. We believe, however, that under the right leadership and guidance, all conflicts can be resolved positively and efficiently, bringing parties back to their normal focus. Rebecca Anderson leads our dispute resolution practice. She combines her extensive legal knowledge and deal-making skills (built over 25 years of practicing law) with her ability to navigate difficult emotions to provide creative, win/win solutions to complex disputes. Rebecca is especially skilled at understanding people, thinking outside-the-box, and defusing conflict – distinctive skills which combined with her legal expertise prove to be a powerful combination in conflict resolution. She knows people, knows the law, and delivers solutions.

Rebecca provides mediation, facilitation and advocacy services in all types of real estate and business disputes, including those arising in employment settings, divorce, and trust and estates proceedings.

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