Dispute Resolution

Why Mediation instead of Litigation?

Conflict can arise in business, at work, with family, with neighbors and any other life setting. People often turn to the legal system when a conflict becomes impossible to resolve. But litigation isn’t the only way to resolve conflict, and settling a dispute does not have to involve a courtroom and a judge. We provide dispute resolution services that help parties and clients manage conflict without the cost, stress and uncertainty of litigation. Our firm, pragmatic approach, combined with our compassion, respect, and empathy, achieves results that are mutually beneficial for all parties and leaves all parties satisfied with the outcome.

Mediation saves money. The litigation process requires many phases of work before even getting to a trial, which quickly adds up in fees. Mediation is an affordable, cost-effective approach to reach a resolution. Many disputes can be mediated in one day, resulting in substantially lower costs than litigation.

Mediation saves time. The process of litigation usually requires a significant time investment for all parties and their attorneys. In addition, the final outcome may not be decided for years, prolonging the strain. With mediation, the parties focus on the resolution, not the battle, saving considerable time and delay. The parties control the time frame, not the court.

Mediation reduces stress. Conflict is stressful, and litigation is an adversarial venue in which to resolve conflict. Parties are normally in battle, faced with a win/lose outcome. In contrast, mediation focuses on voluntary outcomes that are agreeable to all. The process is designed to be collaborative and conciliatory, not contentious and hostile.

Mediation gives clients control. In mediation, clients are active participants in the process, making decisions along the way that affect the final outcome. Litigation puts the dispute in the hands of a judge or jury, leaving clients without any direct control of the outcome.

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